Gert Tschögl
born in Vienna
Living and working in Vienna, Burgenland and Lower Austria.
Graduated in Cultural Anthropology in Vienna, PhD 1993. Studies in African Studies and Geography. Special works in history of South-America, colonialism, Ethnohistory, tourism and contemporary history of the state of Burgenland/Austria. Since 1989 Cooperation and contribution in exhibition projects.1990/91 Field works and researches in Brazil. Since 1995 projects together with Eva Brunner-Szabo, since 2000 under label memoryPROJECTS. Since 1999 staff member of Burgenländische Forschungsgesellschaft (society for research and science).

2014 Bank Austria Art Price for Wächter über Oberwart **
2002 Mention at Spezialprice for communiaction with museums for Brunnenviertel Fotoalbum
2002 Keryprice for Vertrieben
2001 Cultur Price of Burgenland for Museum of remembrances *
1999 Award at Art Públic Calaf99, Calaf/Spain for Museu de Memòries
1998 Web Book Award for Museum of remembrances - european version


Cooperation, organization and concepts for historical exhibitions, free lancer.

* together with Eva Brunner-Szabo
*together with the team and producers of the exhibition