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Fotogeschichte 73/1999-ger

Afterimge Sep 2001-eng
Transit Europäische Revue Heft 22-ger
E-Forum Zeitgeschichte 2002/03-ger
ÖKS Transfer 1/2004-ger

Diagonale Materialien 2005-ger/eng
Der Standard 20.5.2006-ger
Wiener Zeitung 4.5.2007
ORF Burgenland, 14.8.2007-ger
Architektur Aktuell 7-8/2007-ger

Kurier 25.12.2009


Since 1997 we worked under the label memoryPROJECTS. memoryPROJECTS is a museum without a building and without a fixed place. It invades the public space. But memoryPROJECTS implies the tasks of a normal museum: finding/collecting, preserving/archiving, presenting/communicating. It is also an artistic intervention, which came over the remembrance and the memory of the spectator. memoryPROJECTS is a work-in-progress.

Photographs which can be found in drawers, garrets and shoe-boxes are in the most cases the basic materials for the projects of memoryPROJECTS. A photographic universe of the private histories and biographies. Collecting narratives in context with the pictures the silent world of anonymous photographs gets back the history narrated by the collective. Remembrances get visible - pictures get their history. Thinking and remembering in different contexts also means, that everybody tells different stories - different histories. The main idea of our project is, to provoke people to tell their history - or to tell what they are thinking about this history. Since the beginning memoryPROJECTS got more than 250 texts/memories.

With the Internet it is possible to bridge the gap between space and time. Anonymous photos can be liberated of their own privacy and become so public documents of a universal history.

In the 19th century existed a civil servant in England which had the title "remembrancer". This was the euphemistic word for a debt collector. He was obliged to remind people about things what they want to forget. To work as a remembrancer is one of the important tasks of an artist. In this sense we see us as remembrancers, who want to awake the repression.


memoryPROJECTS is a work in progress in various forms:

As the pilot-project Museum of Remembrances - European Version we published in 1997 14 anonymous, found photographs in the Internet: http://www.memoryprojects.at/ /europa/index.htm. Visitors of the Internet-site were invited to add their memories and texts as captions to the photographs or send in photos. This WEB-site took part at the Ostranenie97 - the Bauhaus-Festival in Dessau/Germany and at ciber@rt Festival in Valencia/Spain also 1997. Museum of Remembrances got a Web Book award 1998.
As Museum of Remembrances - Photohistories of Burgenland we worked out a public project in Burgenland, the eastern province of Austria closed to the Hungarian border. 24 anonymous, found photographs concerning the history of Burgenland were published in a weekly newspaper in Burgenland, further in a monthly magazine for Burgenland┤s emigrants abroad and on a WEB-site (http://www.memoryprojects.at/burgland/bilder_e.htm). Additional 10.000 booklets with the images were sent via mail to addresses in Burgenland. The readers could send in texts, essays or memories in context to the photographs. About 200 texts were sent from the readers. This send-in associations and memories and 2 photo-objects have been shown in 5 exhibitions (October 1998 until March 1999) in Burgenland/Austria. During the exhibitions the visitors could also add remembrances and remarks to the photographs. The WEB site of this project was nominated for the Internet competition of the Stuttgarter Filmwinter 1999 /Germany and for the Exhibition "Document & Identities" during the 5.Int. Triennale of Photography in Tampere/Finland 1999.
Museum of Remembrances was invited in June/July 1999 to ART P┌BLIC CALAF 99 /Spain to develop a project in the city of Calaf. The developed project Museu de Mem˛ries a photo-installation and public participation project about the Civil war in Spain in the public space of Calaf (Barcelona) got a realization price and was realized in May 2000 in Calaf.

In 2001 memoryPROJECT was invited to participate at FILEFESTIVAL in Sao Paulo

During the art project SOHO in Ottakring in Vienna 2002 the project Brunnenviertel Photo Album had been done in May and June 2002.

2004 memoryPROJECTS was invited to Albania to a workshop about identity. The project Tirana map of viewless memories was developed. In octobre 2004 came an invitation to Canarias Mediafestival.

For Kulturherbst 2006 (Austrian Televioson Company/Burgenland) the 2 projector-video-installation "Images in Transition" was developed. THis project was also presneted during Dichter Herbst/Intense Autumn in Vienna. From the 9th of May untill the 4th of June 2006 the installation TransitTriest was at Molo Audace in Triest. and during SOHO in Ottakring 2007 at Yppenplatz in Vienna.

We invite you to participate at our project Museum of Remembrances. Konstruktion > 1 - 4

Since november 2009 our new project Namen Erinnern/Recall Names is online.